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Crank Shafts For Air Compressors

Crank Shafts For Air Compressors
Crank shafts for air compressors are available for both the type of compressor that is Air cooled & Water cooled compressors. Crank shaft for Air cooled compressors rotates on heavy duty ball Bearings which are hydraulic pressed with axial alignment. These Crank shaft are dynamic balanced for vibration free working of unit & properly drilled for mounting of centrifugal unloaders to release pressurized Air / Gas from Intercoolers during unload position. Forged heavy duty Crank shafts are for water cooled heavy duty compressors. These crank shafts are machined and ground on Main Bearing Journal & crank pin Journal by maintaining diametric tolerance and axial tolerance perfectly with main Bearing bushing & crank pin bushing. Perfectly drilled from the inside for oil path providing proper lubrication, maintaining oil pressure.
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